First of all, I was very lucky to take such a course from Erkan. I was going to try to take Erkan's lectures early among the elective courses. But sometimes obligatory things are also beautiful… Forced beauty. I think I took one of the most enjoyable courses I could take during my university life. With the help of Erkan, I discovered many different new content, different websites, different jobs. It was a lesson where I learned to really use the internet. We were aware of Web 3.0, Metaverse and many trends without struggling with curriculum papers. The hero of this lesson was NFT. NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, refers to the digital equivalent of collectibles that have a physical existence. NFT, which can be defined as a certificate used to own images, videos, audio files and similar digital artifacts, is recorded thanks to the blockchain technology. NFT also became the main protagonist of Med-215. It was mentioned frequently in the lecture. There were philosophical discussions. First NFTs, then life was questioned.

Thanks to Med 215, I learned many new and useful applications and practical information. Making a site from Wix, why the links are blue, opening a thread on Reddit... We didn't even stop. We learned that public relations is something that carries and produces content to the media. We met the Wikimedia family. We made a caps encyclopedia!

Nice Med 215'lere!